The aim of this project is to study development of some skeletal structures in living amphibians and to clarify, by means of comparisons with fossil amphibians, evolution of these structures. Special attention will be paid to the cranial structures, pectoral girdle, and skeleton of the limbs.

Research and Study Programme

I. Development of the skeleton in contemporary Amphibia in context of soft-tissue organ systems.
    1. Partial project: Development of the pectoral girdle in a representative of the Caudata.
        Method: Clearing and staining of whole-mount specimens (Anura, Caudata).
    2. Partial project: Anatomy of the skull in a contemporary discoglossid frog Barbourula, as a source of          information on the cranial anatomy of early anurans.
    Methods: Histological sections of the skull and pectoral girdle; 3D computer reconstructions.

II. Interpretation of skeletal structures of fossil amphibians in context of developmental morphology of contemporary amphibians.
    1. Branchiosaurs.
    2. Permocarboniferous amphibians of the Czech Republic.
    3. Larval development of palaeobatrachid and pelobatid frogs.