Current Projects



Pelvic and thigh musculature in frogs (Anura) and origin of anuran jumping locomotion

Tomáš Přikryl, Peter Aerts, Pavla Havelková, Anthony Herrell, and Zbyněk Roček

(Joint project of the Department of Paleobiology, Academy of Sciences, Prague
Laboratory of Functional Morphology, University of Antwerp, Wilrijk)

Discoglossus pictus

Burrowing in Pelobates fuscus


Evolution of the anuran assemblages during the Late Cretaceous of North America

Jeff Eaton, Jim Gardner, and Zbyněk Roček


The cranial skeleton of the leptodactylid frog Thaumastosaurus from the Eocene of Europe

Jean-Claude Rage and Zbyněk Roček


Development of the pectoral girdle in a primitve anuran Discoglossus,

and its transformation in the ancestry of frogs

Pavla Havelková and Zbyněk Roček




Transformations of aortic arches during metamorphosis of Pelobates fuscus

Hana Kolesová and Zbyněk Roček





















Gigantism in tadpoles of Palaeobatrachus

Zbyněk Roček, Ronald Böttcher and Richard Wassersug